You will love PercentEat. No matter if you want to lose weight, maintain weight or even gain some weight, PercentEat helps you.

Your new food journal

With PercentEat it’s super easy to keep track of your food habits.

It fits you

It helps you to know exactly how much food you should eat every day.

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PercentEat includes 40 achievements to motivate you with your goals.

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Keep in touch with other PercentEat users with your Twitter account.

You can't improve what you don't measure. Never been easier to keep track of your daily habits.

Know your tips

PercentEat includes two notebooks with 400 tips and quotes about food and exercise. “Your body is the result of the choices you make” is one of them. Use PercentEat daily and unlock them all!

Easy to start & flexible

PercentEat includes a large database with more than 1000 meals in 5 different languages to help you get started. Besides, it’s fast and easy to register your custom meals.